Distribution of Electronic Components

Chip 1 Exchange is an industry leading, global, hybrid, Franchise/Full Service Distributor of Electronic Components and peripherals. Being a hybrid distributor, not only do we have a broad offering of Franchise lines, but we are also one of the largest top-quality open market FACTORY ORIGINAL suppliers of Electronic Components and Peripherals in the world. As a full service distributor, we offer value-add services and cover all aspects of the Distribution of Electronic Components, i.e. the worldwide sourcing for End-of-Life Electronic Components, obsolete components and obsolete electronics in general, as well as the proper stocking and delivery of scheduled Orders in a Just-in-Time Manner.

Our global OEM and EMS customers can easily access our available worldwide Inventory with the Part Search function on our Website and also generate a Request for Quote through the RFQ System.

Our Franchised Lines include leading edge manufacturers, including capacitors, inductors, diodes, discrete components, fans, connectors, resistors and LEDs. These common type DROP-IN replacements (as compared to many of the MAJOR BRANDS) many times allow better service and lower prices with shortened lead times. With Chip 1 Exchange, you no longer need to be a LARGE customer to get VIP factory treatment. We are ready to ship samples to help get the specification ball rolling.

But, iF your requirement does require that we go into the OPEN MARKET, due to lack of factory stock, long lead times or obsolescence, Chip 1 provides the latest in IN-HOUSE Counterfeit Detection measures, ranging from electrical current and programming tests to X-Ray and Decapsulation, to give our customers PEACE of MIND that they are going to receive ONLY FACTORY ORIGINAL components.

For Chip 1 Exchange, Distribution of Electronic components is not a one-way street; therefore, we can also offer customizable customer-oriented solutions for the sales and Marketing, Recycling and Liquidation of their Excess and Surplus Material, including Semiconductors and a wide variety of Electronic Components and peripherals. Chip 1 offers varied Proactive Sales and Marketing Activities of excess inventory to our customers, but our most successful program is through the execution of a Consignment Program.

Chip 1 Exchange’s Product Portfolio covers all board level Components that are being used in the PCB Assembly Process, such as Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits like micro-processors, Electromechanical Components like Connectors and also, Passive Components like Capacitors.

Chip 1 Exchange is ISO and ESD certified and a member of industry organizations such as the ERAI and COG. In addition, Chip 1 Exchange is a leader in the fight against Counterfeit Electronic Components and therefore also a preferred Vendor for the Automobile and Domestic Aerospace Industries. On that note, many of our FRANCHISE Lines include the TS16949 for the Quality Management Systems of many Automobile Manufacturers.

Latest Update: 08.07.2013